Western CofE Primary

Key Stage 2 Home Learning

We believe that home learning helps to reinforce the children’s understanding, knowledge and skills and to strengthen independent learning. Below is an explanation of the purpose and types of activities and expectations that we hope you will find useful to help you to support your son/daughter.  By working together the aim is that children can make great progress.



Give children independence in having to organise their time and complete a task without teacher direction

Reinforce learning that has already taken place in the classroom to consolidate understanding

Increase the fluency of mental maths so that the mastery of maths with reasoning and problem-solving is simpler and speed and accuracy of written methods is increased.

Become researchers, engaging with topics to find more information and make meaningful links between learning.


The home learning activities are:

Regular spelling activities for every child in every year group.

Y3 –Maths/science once a week and literacy the next, alternating – 30 mins

Y4 – Maths one week and literacy the next week – 30 mins

Y5 – Maths and English every week – 30 mins

Y6 – Maths every week alongside an English, topic or Guided reading task increasing to 50 mins.  Sometimes a choice of different learning is given over a number of weeks.

Reading regularly for every child in every year group.

Reading records expectations are as follows:

All children write the title of the book in and the author.  They then write a comment once a week about the book.

Y3/4 – Parents write a comment three times a week after listening to their child read and discussing the book.

Y5/6 – Parents initial once a week to show they have discussed the book even if the child is independently reading.